Take 2 of 3

June 7, 2010

That's right, take 2 of 3.  Which means, there was already a take 1, and there will also be a take 3.  Take one, the weather took us down.  Take 2, an insane amount of things out of my control and this sweet boy's mom's control took us down this morning!  Whew.  It was just not meant to happen.  There were trains and dads not leaving on time to keep us from shooting on time, then my camera decided it didn't want to work anymore, a great friend brought me a back up, and by then little Jack had had enough...and so did the golf course management..as they so kindly asked us to leave.  haha.
Jack's mom and I were just giggling as we walked back to our cars, because we were pretty sure not much else could have made our experience anymore crazier!   So glad she was patient with me, and has such a sweet gentle spirit!
But, we WILL do this again!  This boy is so cute he deserves to have his picture taken everyday!
Here are some shots from today, and stay tuned for more when we go out for Take 3 :)

Third time's a Charm,

Jessica V.