BabyCake is one!

April 30, 2010

"BabyCake" is one!  Really, her name is Kate, but my little boy Hudson calls his cousin Kate,  BabyCake.  I can't believe she is already one!   She was a little tired at our shoot, but we definitely got some super cute shots!

Agee Maternity Sneak Peek

April 29, 2010

Chelsey Ray: 3 months

April 16, 2010

Chelsey Ray M. is already 3 months old!  She has such gorgeous out daddy...those boys are going to come a-knockin' on that door sooner than you know!!


Happy Birthday Leila!

April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Leila!   Little Leila was one of my newborns shoots a year ago, and I cannot believe she is already 1.    She is such a gorgeous girl, and we had tons of fun at her birthday shoot.  This may be one of my favorite shoots so far.  The weather, the lighting, my adorable little model all made for a dream shoot this morning!  Enjoy the GIANT sneak peek...I even took SOME of my favorites down...

Elias C.: "The Lord is my God"

April 12, 2010

Elias' name means "The Lord is my God."  How powerful is that?   He has quite the story for such a small boy, and you would never know his hardships from looking at his bright shiny eyes and bubbly almost 1 year old personality!   He is from Ethiopia; adopted recently by an amazing Godly couple, with an amazing Godly family that surrounds them.  When Elias was 5 months old he weighed a mere 8 lbs and was days away from passing away.  His Ethiopian uncle, seeing his disparate condition, walked 100 miles with him to an orphanage to get him help.   Help was waiting in the hearts of his adoptive parents.  His new family came to Ethiopia to get him, and he came home to the states in early March and is now thriving and growing and everything a toddler should be!  Check out his infectious smile and his deep soulful eyes!  and just a small confession:  I did squeeze his cutie-pie cheeks and toes during our shoot..i couldn't resist!!

A little personal cuteness: My Huddy Buddy!

Josiah R. 6 months (and Madi too)

April 6, 2010

Josiah is 6 months old now! He is soo tall and big you would NEVER know he was a preemie! What a beautiful boy! Madi came along for the end of our shoot, b/c she can make Josiah smile SO big, so we got a few of her too.

Chavez Family: Evans, Ga Family Photographer

April 3, 2010

What do you get when you cross two cute readheads? Two cuter redheads, with LOTS of redhead energy! I'm telling you now, a super-cute 2 year old redheaded boy with gold eyes can wear you out! Good thing baby sister was a photogenic queen...and can't crawl or walk yet. :) We spent much of our shoot chasing little Jackson, who had NO interest in having his picture taken! It made for some super fun candid shots. Jenna was a student of mine, way back when I was a high school teacher! Her husband was home from Iraq for just a short while, so we did a little family shoot while they were all in one place!