Cathey Family || Madison, Ga Family Photographer

June 16, 2010

Beth works with my sweet friend Elizabeth Holmes, and after seeing little Leila's pics the last few times, contacted me about doing some pics for her family.  The Cathey's live in Madison, and I was MORE than happy to drive up to them.  What an amazing town, so many photographic opportunities.

Check out this sweet baby face!

Little Madi's Grandparents came along to get a few pics with her.  I love when this happens in a shoot. It makes for sweet memories. Some of my favorite pictures as an adult are with me as a young girl with my grandparents.  The shots ooze with fun and love:

Beth and her mom really wanted a shot of the three of them with little Madi.  Generational shots really are an important thing to do.  Here are Beth, "Ginny", and little Madi:

This family is full love and patience for each other.  It was a joy to work with you guys, and I hope these tide you over til I get the rest of your gallery up!



'Til next time folks,

Jessica V.