Farewell Ode to Blogger

August 5, 2010

Oh Blogger, you have been soo good to Jessica V.
Thank you for the time we had together.
Trust me when I say, "It's not you, It's me."
So as not to leave my customers in a fog,
Please redirect them to:

The Littlest Cowboy Ever || North Augusta, SC Baby Photographer

July 26, 2010

Could this little cowbaby be ANY cuter???!!!!???  KK, Gray's mommy, and I had too much fun with Baby Gray at his 3 month session!  He really is a beautiful boy, not to mention his nursery was out of this world awesome!  Every inch was covered in detailed cowboy and western themed fun!  From the real cow skin run to the covered wagon and lasso, it was just too incredibly fun taking little Gray's pics!

First some sweet and simple shots:

"Give me land lots of land and starry skies above......"

couldn't resist the vintage finish on the last one.

What a sweet sweet baby!

-Jessica V.

Third Time's a Charm || Evans, Ga Family Photographer

July 16, 2010

Not going to lie...with this being our third attempt to capture adorable little Jack, I was afraid that the Third Time's a Charm rule was going to be a Three Strikes and You're OUT rule.  Each time we have set up a shoot, something has gotten in our way.  Weather, trains, camera malfunction, etc., etc... the list goes on and on.   But this time, WE DID IT!  These shots could NOT have come out any cuter.

Graham grew up on this golf course, so Casie and I tried to be sneaky and get some shots of their little Jack on the course as a surprise for Father's Day.  However, because of the aforementioned pitfalls, we ended up doing a family shoot today!  We had a lot of fun driving around in the gorgeous weather this morning and stopped on different holes to get shots of this family!

Daddy teaching Jack how to play golf.  Seriously folks, this might melt your heart....

Here's some of the little heartbreaker

ooooooh, I love a little boy with mischief in his eyes....

More family adorableness:

and the long awaited headshot :)
Look at that precious smile!

Thanks for taking me out on the course guys.  It was a gorgeous location and gorgeous weather!

Patience pays off in the end and thank you for yours,

Jessica V.

Lily in her Hanbok || Evans, Ga Children's Photographer

I've done pictures of sweet Lily before, but now she's one whole year old!  The dress she is wearing in these first shots is called a Hanbok.  It is a traditional Korean dress with vibrant colors, and has been worn since ancient times.  This cutie wears it so well :)


Pretty girl gets silly:

When the dress got too hot, we changed Miss Lily.  However, she was NOT happy about taking her pretty dress off.  We got her cheered up though for a few more cute shots!

Yes, Lily, you MAY have my heart, because you are too darn cute!

Lily with her Halmoni and Pop:

One of my besties with her sweet niece:

Thanks for sharing your LilyBug and your beautiful family traditions with me for an afternoon,

Jessica V.

Howdy Partner! || Evans, Ga Children's Photographer

July 15, 2010

This is the 5th time I've gotten to shoot Chasten and Jinna; it always makes me feel very honored to have return clients.  I can't get enough of these two adorable blondes!  This time their mama wanted to do a country shoot, so we went out to a good friend's property out the in country and had some fun!

"She grew up on a side of the road
Where the church bells ring and strong love grows
She grew up good
She grew up slow
Like American honey"  - Lady A.

Lynda and I both agreed, that Chasten and Jinna were remarkably good this shoot!  They were so willing to work together and sit wherever I wanted them!  Check out the sibling sweetness:

"Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back,
Ain't much an old country boy like me can't hack
It's early rise, and early in the sack...
Thank God I'm a country boy.." -J. Denver

My absolute fave:

Thanks for braving the heat and the precocious little horses for our shoot :)


Jessica V.

Schueler Family Session || Augusta, Ga Family Photographer

July 10, 2010

Kirsten and her family drove down from Virginia to visit with her family, and while they were here, we did a little family session.  Their sweet girls stole my heart!

How precious are they?  Kirsten and Mike were so patient and loving with their girls the entire shoot!

The one above is my favorite family shot :)

Just the babies:

Confession:  Sometimes, in order to get a child to look straight into my lens, I'll tell them there's a little bunny in there, and they have to look REAL hard to see her.  Pretty sure Miriam is the first sweet child to believe me.  Look how intent she is on finding that bunny...

Here's the lady behind setting up this shoot:

It was great working with you guys! 

-Jessica V.