Guess who's tying the knot? || Augusta, GA Engagement Photographer

June 24, 2010

A little closer....

A little closer....

It's Krista and Robby!!  Krista is my husband's cousin, and we couldn't be more thrilled that she is marrying cutiepie Robby. 

Robby is being sent for training and deployment in just a few weeks and won't be back for some time after that.  So glad we got to do their engagement session before he left!

Welcome to the family, Robby!  We couldn't be happier for the two of you!!

Looking forward to your wedding day!! It's going to be a beautiful day!

"and the greatest of these is Love",

Jessica V.

Judy Maternity || Augusta, Ga Maternity Photographer

June 23, 2010

This beautiful couple had a maternity session set up for them by this soon-to-be mom's sister!  What a sweet gift from her family!  Casey was just glowing with excitement about her baby boy that should be arriving any time now.

Hello! Are these two gorgeous, or what?

Not to mention, it was obvious how in love they were!

The Judy's asked to do their session here, because this is also where they got married!  I love when there is sentimental value to anything, especially a location!

Thought I'd give you guys a looong sneak peek, since I'll be out of town all next week... the rest will be ready the 1st week of July.

I am so excited for you two! You were both just bubbling over with excitement and love for each other and your little boy's nearing arrival!   Thanks for being so easy to work with, and I wish you the best of luck with your delivery!  I hope I get to meet Mr. Brantley when he makes his debut!

-Jessica V.

100 degrees, 80% humidity, Cranky babies, and Saltlicks.

June 22, 2010

We had to squeeze these pics in because Geri and Mike are pregnant with their 3rd baby girl, and we needed to get pics of Geri's beautiful belly before baby Ali gets here!  The heat was pretty serious, but we pushed through for a while til the girls got too cranky.  But all in all, we got some adorable shots.  In the end, the heat got to us and their sweet girls, so we are going to do another little session sometime soon!  Maybe baby Alice will be here by then!

We love this family!  Geri and Mike were our neighbors in a different neighborhood!  We lived one house down from them, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting their family and getting to know them over the last couple of years!  Now we both have moved from that neighborhood, and Mike and Geri have built a beautiful barn out on some land where they have horses, and will be building a house out there soon.  Hopefully, next time we go out we can get some more pics of the barn!

Sweet Ella: (Baby girl #2)

Baby Alice:  (Baby girl #3)

All three girls:  Amelia on the left, Alice in the middle, and Ella on the right:

I love the sweetness and silliness between sisters, and can't wait to meet the 3rd sister for this family! 

Family shot minus one of the horses.

And if you were curious at all why the word "saltlick" was in the post title, this should give you a good answer:

It was great taking your pics guys!  Let me know when you want to go back out for Round 2!  Your land and barn are beautiful, and so is your family!

-Jessica V.

Cathey Family || Madison, Ga Family Photographer

June 16, 2010

Beth works with my sweet friend Elizabeth Holmes, and after seeing little Leila's pics the last few times, contacted me about doing some pics for her family.  The Cathey's live in Madison, and I was MORE than happy to drive up to them.  What an amazing town, so many photographic opportunities.

Check out this sweet baby face!

Little Madi's Grandparents came along to get a few pics with her.  I love when this happens in a shoot. It makes for sweet memories. Some of my favorite pictures as an adult are with me as a young girl with my grandparents.  The shots ooze with fun and love:

Beth and her mom really wanted a shot of the three of them with little Madi.  Generational shots really are an important thing to do.  Here are Beth, "Ginny", and little Madi:

This family is full love and patience for each other.  It was a joy to work with you guys, and I hope these tide you over til I get the rest of your gallery up!



'Til next time folks,

Jessica V.

Prosser Family || North Augusta Family Photographer

June 14, 2010

I love how each time I do a shoot, I usually find out there is more than one connection between the new family I have never met and me.  In this case, Kristi and I have at least 3 mutual friends, and who knows how many more?!  Kristi and her husband wanted to have some family shots done, and a few of the soon to be birthday girl in her birthday outfit.

Check out those baby blues!  What a pretty girl, and her birthday outfit is so cutie-pie!  Makes me want fireworks and a cookout!

This whole family has gorgeous eyes:

Gotta have a few of just mom and dad...
No rain today...but just in case....

One more for the road.  I love this location, and thank you to the Prosser's for sticking with me through the heat!  We got some gorgeous shots!  It was so nice to meet you guys, and your sweet little southern princess!

Don't forget your sunscreen when you come for your sessions :)
It's hot out there,

Jessica V.