Third Time's a Charm || Evans, Ga Family Photographer

July 16, 2010

Not going to lie...with this being our third attempt to capture adorable little Jack, I was afraid that the Third Time's a Charm rule was going to be a Three Strikes and You're OUT rule.  Each time we have set up a shoot, something has gotten in our way.  Weather, trains, camera malfunction, etc., etc... the list goes on and on.   But this time, WE DID IT!  These shots could NOT have come out any cuter.

Graham grew up on this golf course, so Casie and I tried to be sneaky and get some shots of their little Jack on the course as a surprise for Father's Day.  However, because of the aforementioned pitfalls, we ended up doing a family shoot today!  We had a lot of fun driving around in the gorgeous weather this morning and stopped on different holes to get shots of this family!

Daddy teaching Jack how to play golf.  Seriously folks, this might melt your heart....

Here's some of the little heartbreaker

ooooooh, I love a little boy with mischief in his eyes....

More family adorableness:

and the long awaited headshot :)
Look at that precious smile!

Thanks for taking me out on the course guys.  It was a gorgeous location and gorgeous weather!

Patience pays off in the end and thank you for yours,

Jessica V.


~Stephanie said...

I love the family picture with the reflection in the water!