Elias C.: "The Lord is my God"

April 12, 2010

Elias' name means "The Lord is my God."  How powerful is that?   He has quite the story for such a small boy, and you would never know his hardships from looking at his bright shiny eyes and bubbly almost 1 year old personality!   He is from Ethiopia; adopted recently by an amazing Godly couple, with an amazing Godly family that surrounds them.  When Elias was 5 months old he weighed a mere 8 lbs and was days away from passing away.  His Ethiopian uncle, seeing his disparate condition, walked 100 miles with him to an orphanage to get him help.   Help was waiting in the hearts of his adoptive parents.  His new family came to Ethiopia to get him, and he came home to the states in early March and is now thriving and growing and everything a toddler should be!  Check out his infectious smile and his deep soulful eyes!  and just a small confession:  I did squeeze his cutie-pie cheeks and toes during our shoot..i couldn't resist!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love this story and his face and eyes and hands and legs and and and and. It gave me chills. His parents rock my face off and I don't even know them.

Jessica C Villemain said...

Thanks Lauren :) Doesn't he just MELT your heart?? His parents are rock your face off awesome for sure!!