Beckham Family

October 13, 2009

How GORGEOUS is this family? I got to use some new newborn props I've had stashed away for a while, just waiting for a newborn baby! Thank you Beckham Family for letting me capture the sweetness and beauty of your family. Enjoy your sneak peek:

To my sweet and loyal clients, friends, family and blog followers:
I will be offline for a few days, because it's FINALLY our moving day! I'll be up and running as soon as possible. Due to withdrawals, I'll probably have to hit up Starbucks for some internet connection! We will be in our new house on Friday afternoon, and I have a wedding to shoot Saturday, so bear with me as I get through this super busy personal and professional weekend!

Lastly, Jessica V Photography is shutting down the 2009 calendar on next Wednesday. I am booked booked booked, and have been asked by my Doctor to take it easy for now to keep this sweet little baby safe! If you've already booked a session, or have contacted me BEFORE wednesday of next week, i'll squeeze ya in! Love you guys and THANK you!