April 11, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! Easter is such a reminder for my family that our God is an amazing God. That He is full of grace and love, and we are so humbled and thankful that we get to know Him through His Son. This year, I decided to venture into "card design." Most of our family received this card or will receive it soon, and we wanted to share the love with the rest of you! We pray that it speaks truth into everyone's heart, and makes everyone giggle a little too! The front and back of the card were designed so family could keep the 5x7, the inside was just funny b/c Hudson wandered around the garden in his bunny suit screaming his head off! Don't worry we only made him do it for about 5 minutes! Most importantly, the scripture we chose to include is Philippians 3:10-12; we feel that it represents where we are in our hearts right now!

All that being said....HAPPY EASTER:


Tiffany said...

Love this!! Sorry for being late looking but very cute! How did you make the card? Photoshop?

Whitney said...

NO NO NO NO NO. Hudson is not allowed to be THAT adorable while angry. I'm calling an "Unfair Cuteness" penalty on him right this second. The consequences: he must come see me PRONTO so I can slather him with hugs and kisses. Hmph. *stomps foot*

Amber Vestal said...

oh my goodness that's hilarious!